Tradëm and COVID-19


Isolated and as far apart as ever, and still, united like never before…

Today, Tradëm wishes to join the population in singing the praises of our heroes. Hats off to those who, every day, put their lives on the line and leave the comfort of their homes to care for us, feed us, protect us and give us the services we need. We are all deeply and eternally grateful. Thanks to you and everyone who follows public health guidelines, we’ll win this war.

Even though they’re not on the front lines, let’s not forget the language professionals’ essential contribution to the collective effort. Every day, from behind their screens, they keep us informed, they reassure us, and they bring us together.

For all the positive rays that shine through, there’s no denying that these are grim times. We know that a lot of small translation businesses (agencies, firms, freelancers) are seeing a decrease in their workload or are unable to take on as much as usual (e.g., with young kids at home). We know that business was already bad for some. We know that some translators were laid off, and that more lay-offs will likely follow. And we know that a lot of us are worried about the future.

Thankfully, Tradëm has been mostly spared so far. Our loyal clients manage diverse businesses that have been deemed essential by provincial and federal authorities, and they have been relying on us to translate and revise urgent communications related to crucial health and safety issues.

But we’re very worried that so many of our colleagues are being hit pretty hard by this unprecedented health, economic and social crisis. Freelance translators and small translation companies have got to stay united. In the face of a crisis, we’re family. There’s no place for competition.

Solidarity is part of what Tradëm is all about. Our main motivation is people, not profits. We have built our business based on three watchwords—quality, service, flexibility—and particularly on four pillars: contributing to the success of our clients, enhancing the quality of life of language professionals, promoting the well-being of our communities, and showcasing the language industry.

The measures we’re announcing today are directly inspired by these values:

At last, we’re sending a message of solidarity for and to all fellow freelance translators and small translation companies.

Clients, when you give your business to a small translation supplier, you can be sure they have your success at heart. Their own success depends on it.

We believe it’s important, especially in times like these, that small suppliers and their clients maintain a strong relationship. That’s why we’re offering to lend a hand to small translation companies: if you’re overwhelmed, call us. We’ll help you so that you don’t lose a client.

We are united with our colleagues. We are united with all of humanity. We are, first and foremost, human.

Take care of yourself, of your loved ones, and of your neighbours.

Myriam Gagnon and Mathieu Gaudet Binet
Tradëm co-founders
Human beings

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