Welcome to the blogosphere, Tradëm!

Myriam Gagnon

So, we’re finally launching our much-awaited website AND our blog!

“But what does a translator blog about, exactly?”

When you hear “translator,” what comes to mind? If you don’t know one, you probably picture a glass-wearing nerd who is always staring at the computer screen and who gets called a grammar nazi by everyone—and not always as a joke.


First, let’s debunk this myth: some of us wear contacts, OK?

Our blog will be everything the modern translator is: multifaceted, informed and a bit cranky.

WHAT will it be about?

Sparking insightful conversations, keeping you informed, making you chuckle at times (warning: sharp sense of humour ahead), prompting reflection and promoting the language sector.

So, we encourage you to follow us and to read our posts and share them widely. We’re not writing exclusively for translators and those in the language sector: we do believe in demystifying and democratizing the work we do.

WHO will it feature?

Well, ourselves, obviously. But we’re also counting on a handful of guest bloggers to enhance and diversify the conversation.

WHERE can I read it?

Over here, at tradem.ca/blog.

On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where we will put up a link whenever a new post is up.

C’est parti!


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