Why the best language professionals are with Tradëm (1 of 4)

Mathieu Gaudet Binet

All translation agencies and firms claim to have the best recruiting process. They have the best translators, and they offer them the best conditions. Or so they say.

They boast about the tests their hopeful translators have to write. Tests are a guarantee of quality, supposedly.

And here comes Tradëm, not requiring any test.

“So, are Myriam and Mathieu flipping insane?!”


Well, we simply figure… it’s not worth it.

Let’s take, for example, the Old-Hat translation firm. With its slightly overblown reputation, the firm has sparked the interest of the perfect candidate, a definite keeper. But the firm still feels the need to require her to write a test. Unfortunately, she’s not having a great day. Ten years’ experience, ONE bad day. And it has to be the day she’s writing her test. So she fails.

Unwavered, the Old-Hat sends its usual flavourless email:

“Thank you for your interest … we regret to inform you … we are not going to retain your services, yada yada yada.”


Our clients—and us—couldn’t be more thankful: the same candidate filled our short contact form, and we are now benefiting from her talent, her knowledge and her experience.


But first, you have to spark their interest.

How many of the “top translators” are not interested in these openings, do you think?

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