Why the best language professionals are with Tradëm (2 of 4)

Mathieu Gaudet Binet

As we were discussing in the previous post, job and freelance openings with conventional translation agencies or firms are not always compelling for translators.

The test.

Not all translators are interested in spending two to three unpaid hours writing a test for the Old-Hat translation firm (the fictional firm used as an example here).

Some freelancers are already quite busy. At the very top of their game, they don’t really need any more clients or contracts, so they don’t need the Old-Hat either and have no interest in writing their test (not to mention, they are aware of some of the negative feedback about these types of firms). What if a firm only asked that they fill out a short contact form and offered similar or even better terms than those of their existing clients? This is what they get with Tradëm.

Other language professionals have full-time positions in the public service or in a company (sometimes even in a translation firm). They wouldn’t mind getting assignments here and there to supplement their income and to benefit further from their talent, their knowledge and their experience. They don’t really need the Old-Hat either. What if a firm only asked that they fill out a short contact form and offered them casual assignments, which they could always accept or decline, as well as terms that truly take their needs into account? This is what they get with Tradëm.

So here you have two types of qualified language professionals that the traditional agencies and firms can’t recruit or retain, either because they can’t or because they lack foresight or flexibility.

Those professionals are with Tradëm.


The fact is they don’t need Tradëm either. They’re here because they actually want to be here. Because we offer them what they want. Because we know what they’re looking for and what they aren’t looking for—we’ve been there.

What they want, first and foremost, is to benefit from good conditions. And that’s what we’re blogging about next.

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