Why the best language professionals are with Tradëm (3 of 4)

Mathieu Gaudet Binet

Agencies and firms not only often require freelancers to write a test, but they also tend to dictate what the terms will be, such as requiring the purchase of software, capping rates, imposing terms of payment, etc. This formula is outdated and, frankly, should never have existed in the first place. Can you imagine a client saying this to a plumber:

“So, go get yourself a new Stillson wrench, son. I’ll give you a quarter an hour, and you’ll get it by Pony Express in 60 days1.”


Let’s say the plumber accepts those ridiculous terms (but why?). He will probably do a good job—he is, after all, a professional—, but do you think his heart will be into it?

Do you figure translators enjoy working with those agencies and firms? Are they really motivated to give their 100%?

Language professionals love Tradëm.
And so do our clients.

happy collaborator = committed collaborator = quality work


“OK, but…”


1. “What.A.Bunch.Of.Ignoramuses… Daniel Stillson patented his wrench in 1869, and the Pony Express shut down in 1861.” We know (and so does everybody, right?)! This scenario is quite far-fetched, as are the conditions some agencies and firms impose on their employees and freelancers. Chillax, it’s all part of the plan! 😉 

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