Why the best language professionals are with Tradëm (4 of 4)

Mathieu Gaudet Binet

As we have previously discussed, agencies and firms all claim they have the best recruiting process and the best translators. They also boast about their tests. From a marketing point of view, it is very efficient to sell tests. Corny, but efficient.

“Pheeew, hardly anyone is good enough for us!”

Tradëm doesn’t do any of that. And ironically, that’s how we attract the best.


“OK, but… if there’s no test, I bet some of your ‘professionals’ are hardly better than monkeys!”

Mr. Monkey is shocked.

Two things:

  1. We do ask for a CV.
  2. We also ask for work samples, which are a lot better at showing one’s qualifications than tests.

As soon as we receive an application, we already have a good idea of a candidate’s potential. Over the years, Tradëm’s founders, Myriam and Mathieu, and their close collaborators have assessed thousands of translations by hundreds of translators. They know talent when they see it.

“OK, but… what if you make a bad call?”

We need help with this medical translation. Better call Mr. Monkey.

Well, that can happen, yes. As it also happens—probably more often than they think or care to admit—to those who require a test. Because of what we discussed here, but also because one’s ability to pass a two- or three-hour test doesn’t say much about their ability to work in the real world, for longer periods (i.e., for seven or eight consecutive hours or three or four consecutive days).

What really matters is that all texts are revised, either by Myriam, by Mathieu or by another experienced reviser. They can be revised more than once, as needed. The client always gets high-quality work.

“OK, but… isn’t revising texts more than once and offering better conditions kind of expensive?”

Operating costs for the majority of other agencies and firms can be relatively high, while Tradëm’s are quite low. That’s how we can offer superior-quality services and conditions at a relatively low cost.

Not to mention that while others spend time managing and correcting endless tests, we stick to those documents that really matter: our clients’.

And finally, as opposed to many other agencies and firms, Tradëm’s motivation is not exclusively monetary. Profit at all cost? Not here. Of course, Myriam and Mathieu want to make a decent living, but they’re not aiming for seven-digit figures. Tradëm’s story comes from the heart. Myriam and Mathieu’s sincere wish is to enhance their collaborators’ quality of life, contribute to their clients’ success, promote the well-being of our communities and showcase the language industry, a highly underrated economic driver.


In short, when you request translation, revision or proofreading services from Tradëm, you are dealing with a team of highly qualified professionals you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Without a doubt, we have the best recruiting process.
  • Without a doubt, we have the best translators, revisers and proofreaders (true word wizards).
  • Without a doubt, we offer the best conditions to our clients and to our word wizards.

Because we are Tradëm, and we do things our own way.
You’re in good hands with Tradëm!


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