Word Wizards Wanted



Tradëm is looking for translators, revisers and proofreaders to increase its pool of freelance collaborators (or “word wizards”).

What to expect:

  • Your rates, your terms
  • Your tools of choice
  • Time is money: that includes yours

Your rates, your terms

You tell us your rates and how and when you want to be paid by sending us a quote as you would for any other client. It will be up to us to either decline or accept your terms, but we certainly won’t dictate them.

Your tools of choice

What CAT tool do you like to use? Trados? LogiTerm? MultiTrans? Fusion? memoQ? Wordfast? Something else? It doesn’t matter; you can use what you like. No need to purchase anything—and therefore spend money—to work with us. All we ask is that you use our pre-translations and translation memory… to which you will have access for free.

Time is money: that includes yours

We won’t ask you to do a “free” test to prove you are qualified. Your “test” will be your first assignment—and you will be paid for it. We will revise your “test” (just like we revise all our texts), and whether you fail or pass, you will be paid.

Our vision is quite simple:

happy collaborator = committed collaborator = quality work


So, how would you like to work with a business
that understands your needs?

Please fill out the form below if you would like to join
our network of word wizards.

    Contact information


    Three samples of your work

    (400-600 words each; mandatory if you have less than five years’ experience)

    File upload may take a few minutes. Thank you for your patience.
    You can also email your application at [email protected].

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